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NAD+ At Home Lights


Find answers to commonly asked questions about NAD+ and its benefits for human health and wellness in our FAQ section below

What does my NAD+ AT HOME vial contain? 

Each vial is packed with 1000mg of active nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) ingredient, designed to provide you with the full range of revitalizing effects that NAD+ therapy has to offer.

What is the shelf life of the NAD+ product?

Once opened, the product is good for 3 months. If unopened, it maintains its quality for 12 months.

Are there side effects from NAD+ AT HOME?

The majority of individuals do not encounter any adverse effects from using NAD+ AT HOME.

Should you experience any sensitivity after using the micro-injectables, consider selecting a different site on your body for the next injection. As with any side effect, if symptoms continue, cease use and get in touch with our team.

How often should I use NAD+ AT HOME?

If you’re a first-time user of NAD+ AT HOME, we suggest administering a micro-injectable daily for the initial 3 days, followed by every other day thereafter. Always adhere to the recommended dosage and never share your product with others.

How Can I Easily Eliminate Air Bubbles from My Vial?

Gently tap the vial: Hold the vial between your thumb and index finger, and gently tap it with your other hand. This will help the air bubbles rise to the top of the liquid.

Flick the vial: Another option is to flick the vial lightly with your finger. This can also help dislodge any stubborn air bubbles and make them rise to the surface.

Swirl the vial: Gently swirl the vial in a circular motion to encourage the bubbles to rise to the top.

Let the vial sit: If the bubbles are persistent, allow the vial to sit undisturbed for a short period of time. The bubbles should gradually rise to the surface on their own.

What should I do if I accidentally take too much?

If you happen to take more than the suggested amount, don’t worry! The NAD+ in your vial is designed with safety in mind, containing levels that your body can handle. However, it’s always best to stick to the recommended dosage for optimal results.

In case you do take extra, keep in mind that your body may not effectively absorb or break down the excess NAD supplement. While it’s generally not a cause for concern, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any doubts or experience any unusual symptoms.

Can I take NAD+ whilst I’m pregnant?

Always consult your doctor before using NAD supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can I share my NAD+ AT HOME Kit with a friend?

While it might be tempting to share the benefits of your NAD+ AT HOME Kit with a friend, we strongly advise against it.


Sharing any components of your NAD+ supplement kit, such as the vial or micro injectables, could lead to cross-contamination and a decrease in effectiveness. To ensure the best possible outcome for both you and your friend, it’s a great idea to each order your own NAD+ AT HOME Kit. That way, you can both experience the potential advantages while sticking to the recommended guidelines, all within a safe and hygienic environment.

What does my NAD+ AT HOME kit contain?

Your NAD+ AT HOME kit comes packed with all the essentials you need to begin your NAD+ journey right away! It’s designed to make the experience as convenient and user-friendly as possible, so you can start reaping the potential benefits of NAD+ without any hassle.

What if I run out of injectables before my vial is empty?

No worries if you happen to run out of injectables before your vial is empty! Ideally, using the recommended amount of NAD+ should help both components last the same duration. However, if you do find yourself in need of more injectables, simply give our friendly sales team a call, and they’ll be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.

Will I feel anything after administering NAD+ AT HOME?

Most people don’t experience any side effects after administering the NAD+ supplement, and report feeling alert and energised.

How long will it take before I feel the benefits / see results?

The time it takes to feel the benefits or see results from using NAD+ AT HOME can vary depending on your individual health goals and how your body responds to the supplement. Some people experience an instant energy boost, while others may notice a more gradual improvement in recovery. Chatting with our specialist team can help you better understand what to expect for your specific situation. Additionally, don’t hesitate to connect with our Community for informal insights on what’s worked for others.

What is the difference between NAD+ and NADH? 

NAD+ and NADH are two different forms of the same molecule, with NAD+ being the oxidized version and NADH the reduced form. NAD+ is known for its remarkable bioavailability and potential benefits, while NADH doesn’t share the same level of impact. NAD+ AT HOME is currently the only self-administering NAD+ micro injectable available in the UK and Europe, providing a convenient option without the need for a clinic appointment or IV infusion.

How are NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables different from NAD+ oral supplements?

NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables offer a distinct advantage over oral supplements when it comes to raising your NAD+ levels. The challenge with oral NAD supplements is that NAD+ is not easily broken down in the stomach, which hinders its bioavailability. By using micro injectables, you can bypass the digestive process altogether, enabling your body to absorb and make the most of NAD+ efficiently and effectively.

Are NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables safe to use?

NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables are designed to be as safe as insulin injections. NAD+ is a completely natural substance that your body can easily recognise and process. Micro injectables offer an effective, safe, and gentle method for introducing NAD supplements into your body. To learn just how straightforward it is to begin using NAD+ AT HOME, be sure to check out our User Guide.

Can I use my NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables on other parts of my body?

Always ensure you’re using your NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables on the recommended areas of your body. These injectables are specifically designed to deliver NAD+ into the subcutaneous layer, just below the skin, where it’s absorbed efficiently and effectively. It’s important to note that NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables are not intended for intravenous or intramuscular use. If you experience any irritation while using your micro injectable, try applying it at a different recommended site on your body, or seek medical advice. Remember to always use NAD+ AT HOME micro injectables responsibly and in accordance with your User Guide. For more information, visit our How to Use NAD+ AT HOME page.

What colour is my NAD+ AT HOME solution?

Your NAD+ AT HOME solution arrives as a transparent, colourless liquid, all set for you to enjoy its potential benefits.

I dropped my injectable on the floor. Can I still use it?

If you happen to drop your micro-injectable on the floor, it’s best not to use it, as it may have been contaminated. Just dispose of the dropped micro injectable in the provided sharps bin and grab a fresh one to ensure cleanliness and safety.

How should I dispose of the needles and vial

Dispose of any used items, such as your empty vial and needles, in the designated sharps bin. When disposing of needles, it’s important to be cautious and ensure that they are not sticking out of the bin. Once the sharps bin is full, you can easily take it to your local pharmacy for safe and proper disposal. This helps ensure a clean and responsible process.

Can I use NAD+ AT HOME if I have active cancer / have a history of cancer?

We advise caution for those with active cancer, as the potential risks associated with NAD+ usage in this context remain uncertain. If you are in remission or have a history of cancer, we encourage you to reach out to your consultant for tailored advice and guidance on using NAD+ AT HOME.

What to do if I bruise?

If you develop a bruise after an injection, fear not. Employ these helpful strategies to bring you quick relief:

If you feel pain immediately after injecting, apply gentle pressure on the site to help prevent the development of a bruise. Do not massage or rub the injection site, as this will make the bruise worse. Treat the affected area with ice. Do not inject the NAD+ supplement on or near the site until the bruise has healed completely. If the pain is significant, contact your doctor and medical team.

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NAD+ AT HOME is a unique supplement solution for those looking to boost performance and well-being! With its potent properties, NAD+ helps replenish energy. NAD+ AT HOME aims to support natural defences, optimise performance, and promote youthful vitality.Free UK Shipping Available

Understanding the potential Benefits of NAD+

  • Replenish energy levels
  • Boost immune system
  • Protect vital organs
  • Promote brain function
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Support weight management
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Address inflammation and oxidative stress
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