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NAD+ At Home Lights

Delivery Policy

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and customers.

Delivery Policy Summary:

  • This policy outlines our delivery methods, timeframes, and charges for orders placed on our website.
  • Free standard delivery is available for all mainland UK addresses.
  • We typically deliver to England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with occasional deliveries to other countries/territories.
  • For UK mainland deliveries, expect a delivery period of approximately 3 working days. However, delivery times are not guaranteed.
  • Track your order using the provided order number on our delivery service provider’s website.
  • Deliveries require a signature and must be received in person at the delivery address.
  • Our delivery service provider will attempt delivery at least one more time if the initial attempt is unsuccessful.
  • Undelivered products can be collected from the delivery service provider using instructions left at your address.
  • For delivery problems, contact us through our website. Re-delivery costs may apply if the failure to deliver is your fault (e.g., incorrect address, inaccessible location, or unavailable recipient).

Please note that this is a legally binding document and forms part of the contract of sale between you and us, as per our terms and conditions of sale.